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In Korea senior citizens are treated with much more respect than in western nations. I am amazed at how the young people will go out of their way to show respect. I wish the youth in America had similar respect for the WWII generation, and their elders in general. However, there is a difference between being respectful and allowing yourself to be trampled on. The AARP is trampling on future generations of America, like a stampede of 10,000 cattle.

Sadly, few people my age or younger realize what the AARP is, or what it does. They are the ones who lobbied President Bush to expand Medicare to cover prescription drug benefits, thus plunging us in further into debt. It was the AARP that pressured the Democratic Congress to fight against President Bush's attempts to reform and privatize Social Security. They work both sides of the isle to expand mathematically impossible entitlement programs. If it was not for the efforts of AARP (and yes they are that powerful) our unfunded liabilities would tens of trillions less.

I figured out what this group was about when I was in my mid 20's. My grandparents were members and received the AARP newsletter. I was curious and decided to read it. It seemed nice on the surface, fighting for seniors and such. But, I knew that our deficits were rising and that social programs were going to be a big issue in the future.

Then came the prescription drug benefit! This is when I lost a lot of respect for President Bush. How did he plan on paying for this massive increase in Medicare spending? We were already running unseen debts. It seemed as if Washington was completely abandoning what was best for the nation, in an effort to pander to this lobby and their powerful voting block.

Shortly after President Bush was reelected he did something very noble, he set out to reform the train wreck that is Social Security. I had wanted this for years. When I was in high school and earned my first paycheck I was shocked to see how much was being taken out to pay for Social Security. Unfortunately, the Democratic minority, a few Republicans, and the AARP had a temper tantrum. When confronted with mathematical figures at the State of the Union Address, they booed and mocked the President in mid speech.

If we are going to get our debt under control we need to limit the power of the AARP. If you are a member, please do not send them one more dime. If you are younger and have parents and grandparents in the AARP, respectfully ask them to cancel their membership, and stop buying AARP insurance. This fall, all of us need to choose leaders that are not bought off by the AARP.

Next to the ACLU, the AARP is the most destructive lobby in our nation. Their sole purpose is to advance a Marxist agenda through entitlement programs which bankrupt future generations. It's time to begin a drastic decline of this 40 million member organization.



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