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You may have noticed that blogger has launched a new template designer feature. I have played around with it a bit and am impressed with the look of some of the new layouts. Here are some of the pros and cons of the new feature.

  • It looks much better than the default blogger templates
  • It allows you to easily customize your template without learning CSS or Java

  • There has been some problems with third party scripts (such as comment systems) being lost
  • It's new and still has limited options

What do I think?
If you are not familiar with code and want to improve the look of your blogger blog, this is the way to go. Just beware that it is a new feature and will likely have a few bugs at first. If I had not already spent way too much time on my current template, I would use this feature.

Please remember: ALWAYS SAVE A COPY OF YOUR TEMPLATE TO YOUR DESKTOP BEFORE MAKING ANY CHANGES! I've lost a lot of hours trying to fix a template I had mistakenly ruined.



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