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In this life everyone has difficulties, some more than others. The measure of a man or woman is not only what they accomplish, it is also what they overcome. We all know someone that has overcome tremendous challenges. We also know some that allow circumstance to dictate their existence. They often become angry and bitter toward the world. It is never their fault, they are always the victim.

Often in life, bad things do happen to good people. I had an uncle that died of cancer leaving a wife and seven children. Instead of becoming angry at life, my aunt focused on being a mom and raising her children. They did nothing to deserve these circumstances, but they did not waste time looking for someone to blame.

I come from a family of hunters. As a child, I would spend much of my summers camping and hunting with my grandfather and uncles. One year my uncle invited some men he met hunting Caribou in Canada, to come archery hunt with our family. One man was very different from any bow hunter I had seen, he had only one arm. He had lost his arm in an unfortunate accident a few years prior. Before the accident, he was an expert archer. Most people would have stopped hunting with a bow after losing an arm, but he found a way. He had a special mouthpiece attached to the string of the bow that he would pull back with his teeth. I watched from a distance as he target shot with the others, and was surprised at his level of accuracy.

Why am I going on about all this?
We have leaders in high places who are allowing themselves to become victims. I seriously wonder how these people ever accomplished anything in life. We have heard them say:
  • We inherited a huge debt
  • We inherited a bad economy
  • We inherited two long wars

Well that is one way to look at it. Here is another:
  • We inherited the largest economy the world has ever known.
  • We inherited the most powerful military in history
  • We have inherited a constitutional system that can guild us to prosperity

See the difference? A government leader blaming others is unacceptable. We have been blessed with resources that few nations could even dream of. Yes, some bad things have happened to us, but that does not make us victims; only we can do that. We need to focus on solving our problems. This blaming Bush bit is getting us nowhere. Blaming BP is getting us nowhere. It's time for our leaders to start acting like leaders!



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